We Support TreeCanada

Contribute to a healthier, greener future by helping us plant trees through TreeCanada’s Program!

By subscribing to our newsletter, we will add your tree to seedling plantations across Canada in areas that need to be afforested or reforested.

We will choose from five Canadian regions: British Columbia, the Prairies (Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta), Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

The formula will be as follows:

10 new subscribers = 1 tree planted

We are starting this program in April 2020, go to this page at the beginning of each month to see how many trees you have planted thanks to your contribution!

Last update : January 19th, 2021 – 268 new trees planted so far!

December 2020: 343 new subscribers, 34 new trees planted (proof)

November 2020: 431 new subscribers, 43 new trees planted (proof)

October 2020: 211 new subscribers, 21 new trees planted (proof)

September 2020 : 328 new subscribers, 33 new trees planted (proof)

August 2020 : 408 new subscribers, 41 new trees planted (proof)

July 2020 : 389 new subscribers, 39 new trees planted (proof)

June 2020 : 184 new subscribers, 19 new trees planted (proof)

May 2020 : 231 new subscribers, 23 new trees planted (proof)

April 2020 : 144 new subscribers, 15 new trees planted (proof)


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